Chiefs Towing Canton MI


40 years experience tow truck company with full roadside assistance service including the following:

  • Lockout Service (unlock your vehicle)
  • Replace Flat Tire Roadside
  • Jump Dead Battery
  • Re-fuel gas

We also providing towing services to Westland, Livonia, Plymouth, Superior Charter Twp Michigan.

We also have big flatbed towing capabilities for the high-end sports cars, truck & dolly to haul box trucks, we can provide safe long distance towing for you at very affordable prices.

We tow cars with care, we show up to work ready to serve. Polite, professional & respectful we only charge fair prices for our fees. We want to provide cheapest towing service possible for our customers. Even if that means we make less margins than our competitors, we value building our reputation in the Wayne County community.

Fast Service


We have multiple trucks on the road 24 hours of the day to provide emergency towing at a moments notice. We have been in business long enough to have enough operators, drivers & tow trucks to handle any call volume at any time of the day. We truly are one of the biggest towing companies Metro Detroit has to offer.

Roadside Service & Collision Towing


We know a lot about cars as we also operate one of the most successful collision shop in Oakland County. We can diagnose most things wrong with your vehicle and tell you exactly what needs to be done to fix your car, whether its safe to continue driving or you need the vehicle towed to prevent further damage. We will take a close look, while we shield you with our big tow trucks so that you are safe from traffic. We believe our service is better than AAA or Allstate because if you have collision damage we can teach you how to take advantage of your insurance to get full deductibles & get pretty much all if not all of your cost covered by your insurance.



What’s important when picking the right towing company for you is price & speedy service. We get it, nobody to burn a hole in their wallet to get a vehicle towed but sometimes you are left with no choice. Well, we are not the ones to take advantage of that like some companies are notorious for doing. This is what gives us great Google reviews from our customers. We care more about making our customers happy and building our reputation, because we are here for the long term and this is what we have learned is the key to success in our 40 years of operation.


When you need fast & affordable auto tow service give us a call today!