Roadside Assistance


Chiefs Towing provides full roadside assistance service.

  • Jump Dead Battery or New Battery Replacement
  • Replace Flat Tire
  • Shield Your Vehicle from Harms Way with our big Tow Trucks
  • Car Diagnosis to see if its safe to drive

Need to jump a dead battery? Let’s face it, while no car should be on the road without jumper cables, it’s always that one day when you don’t have them that your battery goes dead.

And to add insult to the injury, most people don’t know which end goes where. Ever tried jumping a vehicle and sparks go flying everywhere? This causes a battery they may have been dead to no longer be functional requiring a replacement.

Don’t risk getting an involuntary shock treatment or destroying your battery. Give us a call. We got you covered.

Need a battery replaced? At this point you’ve attempted more than once to jump your vehicle. You rationalize that maybe it’s the cables, but they’re brand new. Maybe you’re not letting it charge long enough, but it’s been sitting on a charge for the last 30 minutes. And if all else fails a neighborhood mechanic was kind enough to give you his two cents on your situation.

The verdict?

You need a new battery if you intend on moving this thing anywhere.

So who better to call to tow your vehicle to the nearest service shop than us?

We have the manpower to move your vehicle whether it’s in working condition or not. Call us superman if you will. We’ll get you up and out of your bad situation in a heartbeat.

Need refueling out of gas service? Vehicles can be unpredictable. One minute the gas tank is full to the brim last you check, next minute your putt putting down the street. It’s not your fault. The gas gauge gave out on you.

Or maybe you were in a hurry and getting gas was the last thing on your mind, that is until your vehicle began to slow into a rolling stop in the middle of no man’s land.

Whatever the reason you’re out there, WE’RE here. Call us now and one of our wreckers will be dispatched out to you with the proper grade of gas you need to get to where you need to go.

Need to replace a flat tire? As much as we’d like them to, tires aren’t made to last forever, and unless you drive prepared with a spare tire, the proper tools and the know-how to switch a tire out safely without causing it to fly out in the middle of traffic, you can count on us to be there in no time to get you going even while you take a nap in your vehicle.